South Santa Rosa Utilities System

South Santa Rosa Utilities System
1070 Shoreline Drive
Gulf Breeze, Florida

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide safe and reliable drinking water, sewer treatment, and reclaim irrigation services in a cost-effective manner.

About the Department

South Santa Rosa Utility System, providers of water and sewer service for the area east of the City of Gulf Breeze, was founded in 1958 as Santa Rosa Shores Utilities, Inc., by Mr. Thomas A. Barba. Mr. Barba built the utility to service the land he was developing in Santa Rosa Shores and Bay Ridge Park. The utility had office space in what was then Santa Rosa Shores Country Club.

In the mid to late 60’s, land sales and development boomed and, although there were only about 250 – 300 customers in the early 70’s, capacity of the sewer treatment plant was increased to accommodate the addition of Polynesian Islands and eventually Tiger Point Village.

In 1982, Mr. Barba sold his interests, including the Country Club and the utility, to John S. Carr & Associates, at which time the utility’s name was changed to Santa Rosa County Utilities, Inc. The utility continued to grow in 1985 when Mr. Carr and his associates acquired the neighboring Gulf Isle Utility system which served the Villa Venyce and Whisper Bay areas. Another expansion of the sewer treatment plant was begun at this time. An office building was constructed on Country Club Road, with some space being used by the utility for offices and the remainder of the space being rented to other businesses.

The City of Gulf Breeze purchased the utility in 1989 and entered into a management contract with Florida Community Services to oversee the day-to-day operations of the utility. The name was again changed to South Santa Rosa Utilities, Inc.

The period of 1989 through 1996 saw tremendous growth when Grand Pointe, Crane Cove, and Tiger Trace were added to the utility system, along with Lighthouse Pointe, Shadow Lakes, and Sound Forest as sewer-only customers in the easternmost area of the utility’s franchise. Another major expansion in the wastewater treatment facility was needed at this time to handle the growth

In 1996, the City assumed full management of the utility, which was then given the name it bears today. The office building on Country Club Road was sold and office and management personnel moved into newly renovated City Hall offices.

South Santa Rosa Utility System today consists of 4,347 water customers, and 6,507 sewer customers. The wastewater treatment facility has a 2.0 MGD capacity, and we have extended our service to include reuse water being supplied to both residential and commercial customers.  Reclaimed water customers 1,063. 

We have 86 wastewater pumping stations that pump raw sewage from collection lines for the wastewater treatment facility.


SSRUS 2016 Drinking Water Quality Report

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