Request for Bids/Proposals/Qualifications

The City of Gulf Breeze has no outstanding bids at this time.


Evaluation of Proposals

In evaluating proposals, the City will consider all information that the City deems relevant for awarding the contract including, without limiting the generality of the foregoing: price, ability to perform, experience and past performance. With regards to any bids or proposals submitted in response hereto, the City reserves the right to waive any errors, omissions, irregularities, and deviations from specifications if the City determines that such action is in the best interest of the City and/or public health, safety and/or welfare. Furthermore, the City may waive any requirement or provision hereof and reserves the right to modify the requirements referenced herein, to reject any and all bids or proposals, to modify (with the approval of the bidding or proposing party) any bid or proposal, to negotiate with any bidding or proposing party regarding any price, term and/or condition, including increasing or decreasing a proposed price and/or the scope of the project. This Request for Proposals is utilized merely as a vehicle to facilitate the evaluation of prospective contractors. This Request for Proposals shall not in any manner grant and shall not be construed in any manner to grant any rights, benefits or expectations of any manner whatsoever to any person interested in or contemplating submitting a bid or proposal in response hereto. The final terms and conditions of the project or contract contemplated herein may be negotiated between the City and any responsive bidder and the city shall not be required to accept any particular bid or proposal or negotiate with any particular responsive bidder notwithstanding perceived favorable provisions of price, time of performance, experience, quality of service, etc., contained in a responsive bid or proposal. The City reserves the right to negotiate a proposal in the best interest of the City, which may include adding or deleting terms, and conditions from those specified herein and/or from those bid upon by a responsive bidder or contained in a responsive bidder’s bid or proposal.  Any addenda or clarifications to this Request for Proposal will be posted on this page no later than 48 hours prior to the bid opening time and date.   All prospective bidders are required to check for addenda and clarifications prior to submitting a bid.   Failure to acknowledge these documents in the bid proposal can result in rejection of the bid proposal.

Americans with Disabilities Act

The City of Gulf Breeze adheres to the Americans with Disabilities Act and will make reasonable accommodations for access to City services, programs, and activities.  Please call 850.934.5115 for further information.  Requests should be made at least forty-eight (48) hours in advance of the event in order to allow the City time to provide the requested services.

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