Police – Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where is your department located?

A. Our police station is located at 311 Fairpoint Drive in Gulf Breeze, Florida. Telephone number is (850) 934-5121.

Q. How do I apply for employment as an officer?

A. The Gulf Breeze Police Department hires only Florida Certified Law Enforcement Officers. Most individuals are hired as part time officers and remain in that capacity until a full time position becomes available. Certified officers interested in employment should submit a letter of interest and a complete resume.

Q. How do I obtain a police report?

A. Police reports can be obtained at the front desk Mon-Fri, 8:00 A.M.-4:00 P.M., or by mail by sending a self-addressed envelope and proper payment. A charge of $3.00 is assessed for most accident and incident reports, with additional per page charges for lengthy investigative reports.

Q. How can I get fingerprinted or obtain a V.I.N. verification?

A. The Department will accommodate requests for fingerprints or V.I.N. verifications at the front desk Mon-Fri, 8:00 A.M.-4:00 P.M. There is a $10.00 charge for these services.

Q. What is Biased Based Profiling?

A. Biased Based Profiling is the selection of individuals based soley on a common trait of a group. This includes race, ethnic background, gender, sexual orientation, religion, economic status, age, or cultural group. If you wish to report a case of Biased Based Profiling please contact the Gulf Breeze Police Department by email or phone (850) 934-5121.

Q. I have had several phone calls from people representing themselves as police officers and asking for donations. Are these police officers and what is the money used for?

A. Gulf Breeze police officers do not solicit money for the department. Police officers never make solicitations over the telephone. There are some law enforcement-related agencies such as the Fraternal Order of Police that solicit donations, but they are not police officers nor does the money directly benefit local law enforcement. However, some of the money does help support the sponsorship of legislation concerning law enforcement.

If the organization is legitimate, they will give you this information and then you can decide whether you want to make a donation. It’s also a good idea to ask for a financial statement or budget before making a decision about whether to donate to the organization.

Q. I received a call from a company claiming I had won a trip, but in order to claim my prize, I have to give them my bank account number, social security number, credit card number or some money. What should I do? Is this a scam?

A. The best rule of thumb is that if something sounds too good to be true, it is. And if you feel at all uneasy, there’s probably a good reason for that. You should never have to divulge personal information to receive a prize. And it’s always best to get information in writing, rather than over the telephone. If you do talk to someone on the phone, get their full name, the name of the company and phone number. Then you can call back to verify it is a legitimate company. If they won’t give you a name and number, chances are it is not legitimate.

For specific questions about scams, call the Gulf Breeze Police Department at (850) 934-5121.

Q. I filed an affidavit for a misdemeanor crime with your department. I haven’t heard from any officer. What is happening with my case?

A. All misdemeanor affidavits are immediately turned over to the State Attorney’s Office. Prosecutors decide whether to prosecute or to ask officers to do more investigation. To check the status of your case, call the State Attorney’s Office at (850) 981-5500.

Q. Can you tell me if someone is in jail?

A. No. The Santa Rosa County Jail is run by the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office. After we arrest someone, they are held for a brief period of time and then transported to the Santa Rosa Jail.  Once they are booked in the jail, the Sheriff’s Office is responsible for tracking information about that person. To find out if someone is in jail or what their bond is, call the jail at (850) 983-1142.

Q. I have received several harassing telephone calls lately. I know who is doing it and I want it to stop. What can I do about it and can you arrest the person?

A. Before an officer can begin an investigation, you must successfully trace at least two of those calls and document the trace. Information about how to do this is printed in your telephone book or call your telephone company for help. After the traces, you must call the telephone company as well, before you can report it to police. When you do call the police department, we will have you fill out a misdemeanor affidavit, which then is sent to the State Attorney’s Office. Prosecutors there will decide whether to prosecute the case.

Caller ID is not the same thing as tracing a call. If you have a Caller ID box, you still must work with the telephone company to trace the call. Caller ID is not admissible in court.

Q. Can you tell me if there’s a warrant out for my arrest?

A. No. The Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office is responsible for keeping all warrants, regardless of which agency requested the warrant. To contact the Sheriff’s Office, call (850) 983-1280.

Q. What can I do if I have become a victim of a scam or unfair business deal?

A. Call the Senior Center at (850) 939-4000.

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