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General Information

Positions are advertised and recruitment conducted only when a need exists. All positions have minimum qualifications; applicants must meet or exceed minimum qualifications. Job information is posted in local newspaper advertisements and on this website.

Several steps in the employment procedures process are required before an employee begins work. They may include: employment background check (previous work history), verification of education, criminal history check, driver license check, pre-employment drug screen, and fit for duty medical examination.

Application forms may be picked up at the Gulf Breeze City Hall. Additionally, an application can be downloaded (pdf format), printed and completed. To Download a job application, CLICK HERE  Employment Application.

Equal opportunity for all is the policy at the City of Gulf Breeze. We have strict guidelines to ensure that the same standards are applied to all persons for all issues of employment, including recruiting, hiring, promotion, compensation, benefits, termination, education, or receiving any City of Gulf Breeze business opportunity.

These standards will be applied regardless of sex, race, religion, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, marital status, age, military background, or disability.

It is the City of Gulf Breeze’s policy to ensure that all employees are treated fairly and without discrimination by supervisors, vendors, customers, and other vendors. All employees are expected to follow company standards in all employment dealings. Violations will be viewed as a breach of policy.

Please note:  Entry level positions in customer service, utility billing, and accounting roles are typically sourced, screened, and hired through area temporary agencies (Kelly / Express / Landrum) on a six month “temp-to-hire” track.  Positions are filled on an ‘as needed’ and ‘as available’ basis.

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