Stormwater Task Force

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Identify Capital Improvements, Maintenance Practices, Preventative Techniques to Make the City Less Vulnerable to the next Flood.


 In pursuit of this mission, citizen input will be encouraged together with the support of city staff while the task force collects its data and compiles specific action steps to accomplish its objectives. Without an orderly process to go about its mission, time delays will result and the work product will not be efficiently generated.

To ensure an orderly process, the meetings protocol will be as follows:

All meetings will be posted and advertised to ensure all citizens are aware of the task force being convened. The advance notice will be no less than 2 days, but the task force will strive to notice 5 or more days in advance.

  1. During meetings, the chair will adhere to strict guidelines in recognizing persons to be heard ONLY after being acknowledged by the chair. RAISING A HAND FOR RECOGNITION WILL BE APPRECIATED.
  2. There will be a substantial part of the agenda devoted to comments and suggestions from persons attending who may not be members of the task force. The chair will dedicate ample time during the meeting for open forum. Again, only persons properly recognized and adhering to the meeting protocol will be given the floor to speak.

Meetings will be conducted at times convenient to the citizens wanting to attend and the committee members giving of their time to devote to this task. Typically, early evenings in the 6:00 to 6:30pm time slot will be the scheduled meeting time. Because of a need to engage outside professionals at the expense of the City, some meetings may have to be scheduled during workday hours to lessen the expense of bringing in consultants. This will occur only on rare occasions and ample notice will be published.

ALL PERSONS INTERESTED IN THE PROGRESS OF THE TASK FORCE AND MEETING UPDATES SHOULD ACCESS THE WEBSITE OF THE CITY OF GULF BREEZE AT Citizens can also call the office of the chair of the task force, Ed Gray, at 916-5420 to inquire about upcoming meetings.

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