Public Services Department

Public Services Department
1070 Shoreline Drive
Gulf Breeze, Florida

The City of Gulf Breeze Department of Public Services provides many of the basic services that affect the daily lives of everyone who lives and works in Gulf Breeze. Things we take for granted — pure drinking water, environmentally-safe sewers, well paved streets with lighting, are included in the responsibilities of Public Services.

The Public Services Department’s key responsibilities are: the design construction and maintenance of the City’s infrastructure, including water, sewer, natural gas, streets, ditches, sidewalks, and traffic control.

The annual operating budget of the Department is approximately $3.6 million, derived from a number of sources, including user fees and utility rates. Public Services also oversees a FY 2016 capital improvements budget of $500 thousand dollars.

The Department is organized into three areas: Streets & Drainage, Water & Sewer, and Natural Gas.

Frequently Called Numbers

Area Code 850
Emergency 934-5100
Office 934-5108
Fax 934-4042
Street Lighting 934-5115

City of Gulf Breeze Septic Tank Elimination Program (STEP)

Septic systems, while effective in the proper conditions, do not offer the best environmental solution for domestic waste treatment in many conditions.  Poor soils, aging systems, increased use and development density changes can cause existing septic systems to malfunction.   Additionally, poorly draining soils, shallow groundwater or flood prone areas can cause septic systems to be unusable during certain times of the year.  Any existing residence with a septic system is eligible for this program.  Existing platted, vacant residential lots may also be considered.   Undeveloped property larger than 1 acre and commercial facilities are not eligible.  Priority of available city funding will be according to need and environmental benefit.

Septic Tank Elimination Program Brochure (STEP)

City of Gulf Breeze Annual Drinking Water Quality report 


Gulf Breeze 2007 CCR

Gulf Breeze 2008 CCR

Gulf Breeze 2009 CCR

Gulf Breeze 2010 CCR

Gulf Breeze 2011 CCR

Gulf Breeze 2012 CCR

Gulf Breeze 2013 CCR

Gulf Breeze 2014 CCR

Gulf Breeze 2015 CCR


Stormwater Utility and NPDES Permit

The City of Gulf Breeze Department of Public Services also maintains the City’s  stormwater system and is responsible for a National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permit. The conditions of the permit require the City to provide responsible maintenance of the system and to provide education about pollution reduction to the public.


Educational Materials

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After the Storm – EPA

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