New Vendors

The City of Gulf Breeze does not have a central purchasing department, however, all invoices are processed centrally.  If you are interested in doing business with the City you should speak with the department you expect to serve.

New Vendors

All vendors must provide a completed W-9 to accounts payable, as well as payment and contact information if it differs from the information on your W-9.  ALL INVOICES MUST BE ADDRESSED TO:

City of Gulf Breeze
Attn: Accounts Payable
PO BOX 640
Gulf Breeze, FL  32562-0640

The City is a tax-exempt organization (download certificate here) and will omit taxes inappropriately included from remittances.

Where possible, invoices should include:

Name of ordering party – first and last name please;
Where and when delivered or service provided;
Contract reference (if applicable);
Purchase Order # (if in excess of $300).

Understanding Our Payment Process

As a municipality, we are charged with the care of taxpayer resources which in turn requires us to follow statutory procedures and ordinances in the disbursement of funds.  First, we may only pay amounts based on appropriately approved and reviewed invoices.  This means that we identify on each check which invoices we are paying.  Statements that show a balance due, without identifying the invoices composing that balance are not process-able.

We cannot be responsible for prompt payment of invoices left with field or department staff or mailed to other locations.

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