Current Stormwater Projects

To review an update as of January 6, 2016, please access Staff’s memo at this link.

The City has contracted with Utility Service Co. to improve the storm water systems for Washington Ave., Camelia St., Florida Ave. and Dolphin St. This $1.8 million project is primarily funded by a $1.5 million grant from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. The project began  October 1st and will take about nine months.

The first step is to bury a 12” pressure pipe to handle the storm water from a new lift station to be installed on Washington. This pipe will take the storm water from Washington, across Shoreline Drive, down the west side of Stonewall Dr. and then west along the North side of Williamsburg Dr. to the wetlands. This phase was completed in December.

The second step will be to install swales – about 8’ wide and 12” deep – along both sides of Camelia, Florida and Dolphin streets. The swales will help collect storm water and direct it – via an 18” perforated pipe – to the lift station located at Dolphin and Camelia. The electronics of this lift station will be improved to lessen the chance of failure, like during the April flood event. This phase began in January and will be completed by mid-May.

The third and final phase, beginning in mid-May, will be to install a new lift station on Washington, and then installing swales and 18” perforated pipe to collect the storm water on Washington. This phase is expected to take about two months.

After each phase of the project, the contractor will restore any driveways that had to be cut to bury the pipes, re-sod front lawns in the new swales, repair any damaged sprinklers, and repave the roads.

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