City of Gulf Breeze “Fact Sheet”

City Government:

Mayor and a four member City Council meet in regular session the first and third Mondays of each month at 6:00 p.m. at City Hall.  City Council meets in “Executive Session” on the Wednesday preceding each regular meeting.  All meetings are open to the public.  Your elected officials are Mayor: Matt Dannheisser, Council members:  Renee Bookout, Cherry Fitch, David G. Landfair, and Tom Naile.

Council appoints the City Manager who is responsible for City Government Administration.   On September 6, 2017, the Council appointed  Samantha Abell to the position of City Manager.  The office has an Assistant to City Manager, Nathan Ford, and two City Clerks, Leslie Guyer and Stephanie Lucas.  The phone number at City Hall is (850) 934-5100.

Services to Citizens:

  • Police Protection – Full Time Police Officers.  Richard Hawthorne, Police Chief.  Police Station Phone (850) 934-5121.  Weekdays 8:00am – 4:00pm.  Call (850) 934-4050 for direct phone line to Police Dispatcher.
  • Police, Fire or Medical Emergency – DIAL 911
  • Fire Protection – By Gulf Breeze Volunteer Fire Department (financially supported by the City).  Shane Carmichael, Fire Chief, Phone No. (850) 934-5133.
  • Parks and Recreation – Facilities owned and maintained by the City.  Programs provided by volunteer organizations (i.e. Gulf Breeze Sports Association, Gulf Breeze Tennis Association, etc.)  Shoreline Park South Gazebo rental and Boat Ramp permits are available at City Hall.  Ron Pulley, Director of Parks and Recreation.  Phone no. (850) 934-5140.
  • Gulf Breeze Community Center – Located in Shoreline Park North, owned and operated by the City for the use of all Santa Rosa County residents.  The Community Center a gymnasium, game room, auditorium, meeting rooms, and kitchen.  Reservation information and hours of operation available at Community Center Office.  Ron Pulley is the Center’s director.  Phone No. (850) 934-5140.
  • Refuse Collection – By Allied Waste under contract with the City.
    1. Residential garbage pick-up will be once a week and yard trash pick-up is on Wednesday.  When you sign up for utility service, city staff will tell you the days for garbage pick-up in your area.  If you are unsure, you can click here or call the Utility Department at (850) 934-5110.
    2. Household garbage is to be placed in the provided cans. Yard trash must be placed adjacent to the street and in a form that one person can easily handle;  limbs should not be more than four (4) feet in length and not more than four (4) inches in diameter and tied in manageable bundles.  Only five (5) such bundles will be picked up each yard trash pick-up day.
    3. Garbage cans must be accessible to the collectors; that is, not located behind a fence, in garages, or further than six (6) feet from the back corner of the house.
  • Curb Side Recycling – On every other designated Friday by area, Allied Waste “Recycle Now” picks up newspaper, aluminum, steel cans, and plastic containers (bulk mail, paperboard-cereal boxes, cardboard, and magazines).  Blue recycling cans with the gray lids are provided by the City.  Cans are the property of the City and are to remain at the residence for use by the next owner or tenant.  All residents are encouraged to recycle.
  • Recycling and Trash Transfer Station – Located on South Sunset Blvd. and Shoreline Drive.  Station accepts recyclables at no charge and also accepts yard trash and other debris (not garbage) for a dumping fee.  Open on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday 7:30am – 4:00pm.  Phone (850) 934-5146.  (Attendant on Duty).  For Trash Transfer rates click here.
  • Streets and Drainage – Streets and drainage systems within City Limits are maintained by the Public Works Department.  Contact (850) 934-5108.
  • Community Services – The Gulf Breeze Code of Ordinances is designed to enhance safety, aesthetic value and quality of life in the community.  The following regulations frequently affect City residents:
    • Animal Control – The City has a Leash Law
    • Fences – Zoning Ordinances govern height and location
    • Trees – Permit required to remove trees over twelve (12) inches in diameter
    • Waterfront – Permits required for any construction within fifty (50) feet of the water including piers and bulkheads.
    • Signs – Permits required for most signs.  Ordinance controls location, number, and size of signs.
    • Anti-Blight Ordinance – Controls littering, unkempt or overgrown yards, abandoned property and outdoor storage.
    • Occupational Licenses – Required by City and County for all businesses and home occupations within the City Limits.
    • House Numbers – Required, no less than four (4) inches in height.
    • For information on Code Enforcement Issues, contact Shane Carmichael, Director of Community Services at City Hall, Phone (850) 934-5109.
  • Natural Gas – The City provides natural gas in most areas of the City and extends as far as Lighthouse Pointe.  Contact (850) 934-5108 for information on gas service and conversion incentives.
  • Water, Sewer, and Gas – Facilities owned and operated by the City.  If you have any questions regarding billing or service, Phone (850) 934-5110.
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