2017 Gulf Breeze City Council Agendas

Click on a date below to view the City Council Agenda for that date. All Agendas listed on this page are provided as Adobe PDF files, each being
around 6M. Free Acrobat Reader is required to view them.

Please note that beginning with the January 3, 2017, Regular meeting, all Council meetings will start at 6:00 p.m. unless noted otherwise on the agenda.
03/ 20/ 2017 Regular Meeting Agenda
03/15/2017 Executive Agenda
03/06/17 Regular Meeting
03/01/17 Executive Meeting
02/21/17 Regular Agenda with Add-On Item
02/21/2017 Regular Meeting
02/15/17 Amended Executive Agenda
02/15/2017 Executive Meeting
02/13/17 Special Meeting
02/11/17 Capital Improvement Plan workshop
02/06/17 Regular Meeting
02/01/17 Executive Meeting
01/19/2017 Shade Meeting Notice
01/19/2017 Special Meeting
01/17/2017 Regular Meeting 
01/11/ 2017 Executive Meeting
01/03/2017 Regular Meeting

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